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Embedded news: Week of Oct. 20 – 24, 2014


Collected here are my Editor’s Top Picks of embedded industry product and technology news stories for the week of Oct. 20 – 34, 2014:

Using requirements planning to collect, analyze, and meet product goals
How the requirements process can lead to a successful completion of a hardware or software development project where sponsors and stakeholders will have their needs met in the final product.

Rapid SDR-prototyping of IEEE 802.11ah wireless M2M networks
The use of a software defined radio platform to build a MIMO based WLAN to test prototypes of an IEEE 802.11ah wireless local area network configured for machine-to-machine applications.

Expanding the input expressivity of smartwatches
Wearable smartwatches promise to bring enhanced convenience to common communication and information retrieval tasks. Because of their placement on the wrist, they must be small and otherwise unobtrusive, which limits interaction range and sophistication.

Wearable electronics and smart textiles
A review of the basic advances in materials and their manufacture needed if wearable smart textiles that feature electronics and interconnections woven into them are to be a reality.

TI's TDA3x processor powers advanced driver assistance apps
Texas Instruments is introducing the newest member of the company's automotive system-on-chip (SoC) family, the TDA3x.

MCP19118/MCP19119 Digitally Enhanced Power Analog (DEPA) controllers
The MCP19118 and MCP19119 Digitally Enhanced Power Analog (DEPA) controllers from Microchip provide simple yet effective analog PWM control for DC-DC synchronous buck converters up to 40V.

Tiny M2M WiFi module allows machines to be accessed by mobile devices
Lantronix, Inc. has announced the xPico Wi-Fi SMT embedded device server, a certified, compact Wi-Fi surface mount module which enables quick and easy serial-to-Wi-Fi connectivity.

Spansion adds 96 new MCUs for industrial IoT
Spansion Inc. has added 96 new products to the Spansion FM4 Family of flexible microcontrollers (MCUs).

Freescale announces power-efficient 64-bit ARM for the 'virtual network'
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the QorIQ LS1043A Layerscape communications processor, which the company touts as the industry’s most power-efficient 64-bit ARM processor for the new virtual network

Renesas MCUs target the IoT with optimized memory, true low power
Renesas Electronics has expanded its RX100 Series of microcontrollers with the new RX111 MCUs, designed to reduce design complexities.

Overcoming the challenges of V-NAND flash memory
To bring more density to NAND flash memory, the solution is not further scaling, but to build on top of the existing planar structure in a new vertical direction.

IEEE standard defines WLAN coeistence in TV white space
IEEE 802.19.1 specifies radio technology independent methods for coexistence among dissimilar or independently operated wireless networks.

Building an IoT Project with Intel Galileo and Node.js
How to build Internet of Things (IoT) projects that target specific Intel boards and interact with Arduino shields and modules.

Slideshow: Taipei bets on smartphone as IoT hub
At the Taitronics Taipei International Electronics Show firms were focused on the Internet of Things, cloud computing and smart living, using the smartphone in various ways as an IoT hub.

Slideshow: Hexoskin and other wearable IoT smart clothes
A handful of startups are betting on smart clothes, where IoT wearable electronics will be embedded into shirts, socks and other human apparel.

Weightless IoT group moves from white space to N-space
While the Weightless SIG has not abandoned 900 MHz wireless where it is competing with the 802.11ah WiFi standard, it is shifting some of its effort to a new Weightless-N spec targeted at 200 Mz.

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