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Embedded object database is leaner, meaner and determinstic


db4objects has just released Version 6.0 of its open source object database, claiming that it is 10x faster and 90% leaner than Version 5, supporting a new server side cursor technology for deterministic response times when querying in C/S multi-user environments.

db4o is supported by a community of 15,000 registered developers for use in .NET or Java based Web Services frameworks incorporating a number of connected mobile and embedded devices.

According to Christof Wittig, CEO of db4objects, db4o supports native object persistence solution which stores objects exactly as they are represented in the native application, eliminating the object-relational mismatch common in most other object or relational databases.

Version 6, available now for download as a beta, db4o, he said, features significant performance improvements, both for in-process, embedded mode as well as for client/server operation, making it useful in a wide range of embedded applications with very limited resources ” such as smartphones, photocopiers, car electronics, and packaged software products.

In comparison to Version 5, in-process transactions with db4o now run up to 10x faster (e.g., on Commits of added objects), while memory consumption is now constant at 3MB in all but one Pole Position benchmark test cases, reduced from up to 27MB in Version 5.

Version 6 also comes with updates of two additional components: the db4o Replication System (dRS) v6.0, to ensure compatibility to backend relational databases like Oracle and MySQL, and the new ObjectManager v6.0, which helps developers browse and debug db4o databases in an object-oriented manner.

db4objects licenses db4o technology under a dual distribution plan: a GPL open software version for evaluation, non-profit, academic and certain cases of in-house use, as well as a version available under commercial license terms with support packages for companies wishing to embed db4o into their commercial products for redistribution.

db4objects, Inc.
San Mateo, Ca.
650) 577-2340

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