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Embedded Office extends the range of its Cert-Kits


Embedded Office , specializing in safety-critical applications for embedded systems, has extended the range of its Cert-Kits for a series of new microcontrollers. The range now also supports ARM 9, C166, C166SV2, Cortex A9, Cortex M3, Cortex M4F, Cortex R4F, PPC e200 and PPC e500. In addition to the certificate and the documentation for the certification, the Cert-Kits also comprise an executable system along with a complete validation software solution.

The system supplied in the Cert-Kits serves primarily for verifying whether the precertified source code of the real-time kernel has been transferred correctly from the customer and has generated the real-time kernel with the correct configuration. To this end, the validation software generates a report on the respective evaluation board, which serves as the documentation for this step. The hardware configuration can subsequently be adapted to the safety-critical project or optionally used as a complete replacement for the hardware programming interface (also known as BSP). A repeated execution of the validation software generates a report, which serves as the documentation for the correct function of the real-time operating system.

The Cert-Kits comprise all the elements required for creating an executable application. These include the certified source code, various software manuals such as safety, target integration, user, reference and system manual. The Cert-Kit also contains validation software (including reference board support package, BSP) and the TÜV certificate pertaining to the type approval of the pre-certified software component. Upon request, the test environment can also be made available to customers. Optionally, or if a certification so requires, all the certification documents are additionally available. If the hardware programming interface from the Cert-Kits is to be used in the safety-critical project, all the artefacts necessary for a certification are also available for this.

Embedded Office certifies the BSP and develops self-test libraries. These libraries make it possible for safety-critical applications to run on the microcontrollers. They contain detailed diagnostic methods, which ensure the perfect functioning of the controller by performing basic tests of the safety technology. These ‘self-tests’ are used for detecting and clearing faults. These tests include command and register tests of the CPU, PLL clock, startup RAM, online RAM, software watchdog and flash tests.

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