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Embedded palmprint recognition system using OMAP 3530


In “Embedded Palmprint Recognition System Using OMAP 3530“, Linlin Shen,, Shipei Wu , Songhao Zheng and Zhen Ji  at the Shenzhen Laboratory of Embedded System Design, describe embedded palmprint recognition system using the dual-core OMAP 3530 platform.

They use an algorithm based on palm code in which a Gabor wavelet is first convolved with the palmprint image to produce a response image, where local binary patterns are then applied to code the relation among the magnitude of wavelet response at the central pixel with that of its neighbors.

The proposed algorithm was then deployed to the DSP processor of OMAP 3530 and work together with the ARM processor for feature extraction. When complicated algorithms run on the DSP processor, the ARM processor can focus on image capture, user interface and peripheral control.

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