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Embedded security — how important?

Over the past three years, security has become a topic that for better or worse, we have begun to confront regularly.

Embedded security played a big role in the recent Embedded Systems Conference program in Boston, if the attendance in the security program is any gauge. The RFID keynote was well received. A day long program on Trusted Computing drew a healthy crowd. (For an alternate skeptical and perhaps dated perspective on Trusted Computing, look here.)

The interest in security in Boston extended to the exhibit hall where several companies focusing on embedded security were displaying their wares.

Moreover, we have begun to cover security on Embedded.com. Recent examples include “Implementing SSL on 8-bit micros” and “The new Untouchables: MCUs,” which addresses the need for security measures for microcontrollers.

If we haven't reached the point where security is an issue for the majority of developers as they create their new products, we soon will. Based on a recent and admittedly unscientific poll, 62% of responders indicated that they were building networked systems and another 23% were building RF wireless equipment. How important is security? You can see the results of our poll on security in embedded designs here.

As we move toward ubiquitous connectivity, security will become a central issue. It's a topic that we will be covering more frequently.

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