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Embedded system module provides flexibility in small server platform

Ambler, Pa. — MEN Micro, Inc. released an embedded system module (ESMT) that is coupled with a carrier board. The EM6 single board computer (SBC), which uses either an Intel CoreT Duo or single core Celeron M processor as well as the Intel 3100 chipset, is suitable for embedded industrial and communications applications. Altera's Cyclone FPGA provides flexibility, since the required system I/O can be tailored for specific applications using IP cores including IDE, graphics, additional fieldbus and legacy interfaces as well as binary I/O, and includes four UARTs. The FPGA boots from Flash, and updates made inside the boot Flash during operation are available after a system reboot.

The 1 GB Flash memory, soldered directly to the board, stores program code without the need for a rotating mass-storage device. Also soldered directly to the EM6 is a DDR2 SDRAM memory with error correction (ECC) for shock and vibration resistance. The front I/O consists of two GB-Ethernet controllers via PCI Express and two COM interfaces via RJ45 connectors.

Availability: Now
Pricing: $1,577

MEN Micro, 215-542-9575, www.menmicro.com

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