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Embedded Systems Conference Looks for 2014 Speakers

We'relooking for a few good embedded systemsengineers to share their knowledge withcolleagues by speaking at the 2014Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) fromMarch 31 to April 3, 2014, in San Jose,Calif. The submission deadline is Oct. 11.

ESC's Technical Program Committee invitespresenters to submit speaking proposalsfor ESC, which will be held at Design Westin San Jose. Each year, the goal is todeliver a unique and highly usefuleducational experience for embeddedsystems designers and technicalprofessionals involved in designingelectronics products and systems.

We encourage proposals from speakers withdeep technical and practical expertise inembedded systems hardware, software, andfirmware, as well as practitioners whohave developed strategies for reducingtime, cost, and complexity in the embeddedsystems development process.

Proposals are being accepted for ESC onthe following topics:

  • Debugging and test
  • Embedded Android
  • Embedded systems engineering
  • Hardware: design, IO, and interfacing
  • Linux kernel and operating systems
  • Programming
  • Processors and programmable devices
  • Real-time operating systems
  • Safety, security, and hacking embeddedsystems
  • Software architecture, development,and design

Presentation formats

  • Technical session (60 minutes):A technical session talk is a deep,how-to-style presentation that revealsnew ways of thinking about and applyingembedded systems technologies, tips andtricks, and proven strategies andtechniques for improving performance,reducing development time, or cuttingcosts in the embedded systemsdevelopment process.
  • Tutorial session (two or fourhours): A tutorial session takes a deepdive into a specific topic that meritsmore classroom time than a 60-minutetechnical session. Please indicatewhether you are proposing a two- orfour-hour session and whether you areconsidering a hands-on component to theclass.
  • Classic postmortem (60minutes): A classic postmortem talkchronicles in technical detail thedesign and development of a noteworthyembedded systems application, includinga detailed discussion of the tradeoffsand choices made (and why) during thedesign process.

Proposals that will be givenpreference in the review process

  • Talks that reveal new ways of thinkingabout and applying embedded systemstechnologies
  • Talks that feature content never seenbefore that you have createdspecifically for ESC
  • Real-world examples that involve anembedded project or the novelapplication of technology or thatillustrate a solution to a technicalchallenge in an end product, including adetailed discussion of the tradeoffs andchoices made (and why) during the designprocess
  • Talks that include a demo toillustrate key technical principles andengage the audience in a creative ormore interactive way

Submitting your proposal

  1. Go to the submissions portalfor complete submission guidelines anddetails and to create your speakingproposal.
  2. Please fill out the form completely,and submit it no later than Oct. 11.
  3. All individuals who submit a proposalwill be contacted and advised if theirproposals are approved.
  4. All presenters who are selected tospeak will be required to submit apresentation in advance. Please notethat no paper is required this year.

If you have any questions, or if youwould like to discuss your preliminaryideas, please contact Karen Field, DesignWest General Manager and ESC ProgramChair, at .

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