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Embedded Systems Design, April 2006


August ESP

VOL. 19 NO. 4
April 2006

Table of Contents

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Eclipse under the hood
by Robert Day
Links to Embedded.com's version of an article that printed in Embedded Systems Design magazine. The Eclipse open-source movement has brought unusual consistency and cooperation to the development process. Now software tools from different vendors can work together. How is this magic achieved, and what does it really bring to an engineer's daily work?

Closed for business: how open is Eclipse open source?
by Mike McCullough
The rise of Eclipse has brought questions about its true nature. Is it a savior or a Trojan Horse? A skeptical engineer looks deeply into Eclipse and concludes: buyer beware.

Offshoring confidential
by Carey Butler
Whether it's across the street or around the planet, outsourcing jobs is a fixture of engineering life. Here are the top five tips from one who’s seen it all.

Detecting CTCSS tones with the Goertzel algorithm
by Gene Small
You can improve your wireless communications by detecting Continuous Tone Carrier Squelch System (CTCSS) tones using the modified Goertzel DFT algorithm. Code listings, algorithms, and practical advice make this a must-keep article for working engineers.


Programmer's Toolbox
Two different worlds

by Jack Crenshaw
Learn how to estimate derivatives using finite differences.

Break Points
Approximating reality

by Jack G. Ganssle
Simple floating-point approximations let you trade off speed vs. precision in real-time systems.


Taming the Hydra

by Jim Turley
Multicore processors have been around forever but having good tools for programming them is new.

Assembly lines
Assembly lines: news from inside the bubble

by Jim Turley
DHL replaces DSL. Coca-Cola Company and Pepsico target embedded systems engineers with new soda lines? Sound crazy? It is. Here is April news for embedded systems fools.

Memory overload
Getting here from there

by Jim Turley
If Embedded Systems Design magazine were translated into geologic time our 18 years might convert to Cambrian days and our readers into trilobytes. These articles from days of future past hold the same relevance today as when they were first published.

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