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Embedded Systems Design, April 2007


January ESD

VOL. 20 NO. 4
April 2007

Table of Contents

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Cover Feature: IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee hardware and software open the applications window
by Tom Balph and Larry Roshak
By employing standard hardware and software, you can quickly develop low-cost, bug-free systems.

Understand packet-processing performance when employing multicore processors
by Edwin Verplanke
Your cache configuration can have a bigger impact on overall system performance than you expect.

Going multicore presents challenges and opportunities
by Anant Agarwal and Markus Levy
Performance and power efficiency are key advantages, but they're also challenging as the number of cores increases.

Get multicore performance from one core
by Kevin D. Kissell and Pete Del Vecchio
An SoC with a multithreaded virtual multiprocessor might be just what you're looking for.

Design user interfaces for cooperating devices
by Niall Murphy
It's hard enough to design a user interface for a standalone product. But when you have two devices that must work in concert, the level of difficulty multiplies.

Integrating and evaluating speech algorithms
by Nitin Jain
Maintaining the proper level of performance is the key to integrating speech algorithms.

Verifying embedded software supply chains
by Mark Underseth
Software typically comes from diverse sources and is growing in complexity. Having a plan helps ensure that the pieces fit together.

Design and debug your ROM-based code
by Arvind Chauhan
Assuming ROM is your memory of choice, proper debugging can save you loads of time and money.


Programmer's Toolbox
On to objects

by Jack W. Crenshaw
Avoid thrashing memory and eating clock cycles when using complex objects, such as vectors and matrices, in your code.

Analyst's Corner
Reaching for accuracy and opportunity

by Paul Zorfass
What could those executives be thinking? Here's the second installment of the Tao of TAM and SAM.

Break Points
Putting out contracts on bugs

by Jack G. Ganssle
Start debugging before a bug slaps you in the forehead like a cold fish jumping out of water.


Who did you select?

by Richard Nass
What would readers choose? Here's a glimpse into subscribers' favorite component vendors.

Tear Down
HD DVD player pushes the performance envelope

by Richard Nass
Because the HD DVD standard is relatively new, there were few shortcuts to be taken by the system's designers.

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