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Embedded Systems Design, April 2009


April ESD

VOL. 22 NO. 4
April 2009
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Using finite state machines to design software
by Ted Carmely
A straightforward guide to adding structure to your software project using a finite-state-machine design pattern, requiring no exceptional knowledge other than basic programming and some common sense.

Linear motor control without the math
by Pramod Ranade
A new algorithm using only addition and subtraction and no complicated math produces the linear acceleration necessary to run a stepper motor smoothly.


Barr Code
Bug-killing standards for firmware coding

by Michael Barr
Keep bugs out of your firmware by using coding standards. It's cheaper and easier to prevent bugs than it is to find and kill them later.

Break Points
Will the torch be passed?

by Jack Ganssle
Will embedded systems engineering be a viable career in the United States in the near future? A trip to Asia made Jack ponder.


Get our kids excited about engineering

by Richard Nass
One award-winning game does just that.

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