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Embedded Systems Design, April 2010

April ESD

VOL. 23 NO. 3
April 2010

Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Developing a flexible firmware architecture
by Vincent Cai
Firmware modularization is the ticket to low cost and (relatively) painless product development

Expressive vs. permissive languages: Is that the question?
by Yannick Moy
The ease with which code is analyzable depends of the language type you use.

Classes for embedded systems designers
by Bernard Cole
For over 20 years, the Embedded Systems Conference has offered continuing education for embedded systems developers. Here are just a few of the ESC classes that Embedded.com Editor Bernard Cole finds intriguing for 2010.


Barr Code
Five top causes of nasty embedded software bugs

by Michael Barr
Too often engineers give up trying to discover the cause of infrequent anomalies not easily reproduced in the lab. Yet these ghosts in the machine live on.

Break Points
An interview with James Grenning

by Jack Ganssle
Jack Ganssle puts the Agile Manifesto's James Grenning on the hot seat about test-driven development's suitability for embedded systems.


The results for 2010 are in!

by Richard Nass
The 2010 Embedded Market Study is complete and tallied. Big surprises? Yes and no.

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