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Embedded Systems Design, April 2012

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Cover story:
“Security fundamentals for embedded software”
By David Kalinsky, PhD
Even if your device is not connected to the Internet, you need to protect it from malicious attacks. Here are some simple protections you can institute to make your system more impenetrable.

“Enhance system security with better data-at-rest encryption”
By David Kleidermacher, Green Hills Software
Embedded systems designers can protect sensitive data that’s on a device’s hard drive (data-at-rest) by using encryption techniques.

“Make magnetic card readers more reliable in noisy environments”
By Irfan Chaudhry, Maxim Integrated Products
Here's a less time-consuming way to maintain magnetic card reader and card reliability in a variety of noisy electronic environments.

Barr Code
By Michael Barr
“Building reliable and secure embedded systems”
If you don't learn how create reliable and secure products, it might be your product making the wrong kind of headlines and your source code and design documents being pored over by lawyers.

Break Points
By Jack Ganssle
“Probing pointers, take 2”
Jack tests several probes to see how different probes change the results.

By Colin Holland
“A tale of two design sites”
If not attending ESC/DESIGN West, spend time at www.ubmdesign.com and embedded.com.

Analyst's Corner
By Eric Marks
“Not in Kansas anymore: Securing SCADA”
Here's why SCADA is insecure and what some companies are doing about it.

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