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Embedded systems design at DAC 2012

For more than a decade embedded systems developers have looked with hope and optimism at the emergence of hardware description languages such as C++ derived System C ,C-derived Verilog, Ada-derived VHDL , and the various EDA tools for simplifying hardware/software co-design, co-verification, and emulation. Typical of that early optimism is “The architecture exploration process , ” written by Lloyd Pople in 2000. That optimism has continued in more recent design articles, white papers, and webinars on these topics, of which my Editor’s Top Picks are:

Use emulation to debug SW/HW at the same time by EVE-USA’s Donald Cramb
Expand emulation’s reach with virtual devices by Mentor Graphics’ Jim Kenney
HW/SW co-verification basics, a four part series by Jason Andrews

That synergy between embedded systems software developers, SoC chip designers, and EDA vendors is front and center this week at the 2012 Design Automation Conference in San Francisco. In addition to Rolf Ernst’s Perspectives Presentation on “Embedded systems – the neural backbone of society ,” my Editor’s Recommendations are:

Applications of virtual platforms
Real world heterogeneous multicore
It’s the software, stupid: truth or myth?
Parallelization and software development
Native embedded software development solutions
Software & firmware engineering for complex SoCs
Optimizing embedded software for high performance & reliability

If you are not attending DAC this year, be sure to follow the action online at the EE Times Live Stream and view the videos of Brian Fuller interviewing industry experts on these and other topics.

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