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Embedded Systems Design, August 2006


August ESP

VOL. 19 NO. 8
August 2006

Table of Contents

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Curing nonlinear distortion
by Roy Batruni
Long wires or distant wireless communications always garble the transmission. How can an engineer cure that distortion? Turns out, a lot of math and a little experience can work wonders. This author provides both, giving us priceless recipes for cleaning up long-range communications.

Put the user in the driver's seat
by Niall Murphy
Designing user interfaces means striking a tricky balance between being helpful, being too helpful, or getting in the way. Here are some examples to guide you through these treacherous waters.

How to use ARM's data-abort exception
by Roger Lynx
Processors giveth and processors taketh away. They can fetch and store data or they can refuse to do either. When your processor aborts a data access, what can you do? This in-depth article explains the hows and whys of data aborts on the ARM7 family of processors, including working code for a useful data-abort exception handler.


Programmer's Toolbox
Loose ends

by Jack W. Crenshaw
Using vectors and matrices simpflies math and code tremendously and reduces the chances you'll make programming errors.

Break Points
Version one

by Jack G. Ganssle
Most sane people avoid version one of software because they don't like being guinea pigs. Keep version one simple and save all the extras for version two and three.


Semiconductors on a train

by Jim Turley
What makes semiconductor manufacturing so different.

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