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Embedded Systems Design, December 2005

August ESP

VOL. 18 NO. 12
December 2005

Table of Contents

spacer Cover Story

by Niall Murphy
We all learn from our mistakes, but it's less painful to learn from the mistakes of others. This month our user-interface expert shares some embarrassing but educational moments from his own career.

In Praise of XP: Why Software Projects Fail
by Nate McKie and David Elfanbaum
Large-scale software projects often flounder on five common obstacles, which all software teams face. This engineering firm swears by Extreme Programming and explains how it can help you avoid these obstacles.

An Overview of Systems Modeling Language
by Matthew Hause, Francis Thom, and Alan Moore
The Universal Modeling Language is a great tool for software engineers but not so convenient for systems engineers. Members of the SysML Partners give us sneak peek at the OMG's plans to make life bearable for systems engineers.


Programmer's Toolbox
More on the Rosetta Stone

by Jack W. Crenshaw
You really “get it”! Jack continues to explain the equation that connects the continuous-time, real world we live in to the discrete-time world of computers.

Analyst's Corner
Will DVD Recorders Succeed Despite User Interface Problems?

by John Barber
Even with drastic price drops, consumers are returning their DVD recorders at levels reaching 30% to 40%, often citing the hard-to-use interface.

Break Points
Understand The Fourth Estate

by Jack G. Ganssle
The average developer browses no more than two industry magazines a month. What are you missing? Here's a list of magazines to keep you current.


Be Understood II

by Jim Turley
This time, Jim picks on your marketing folks. What's wrong with your marketing message?

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