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Embedded Systems Design, December 2006

September ESD

VOL. 19 NO. 12
December 2006

Table of Contents

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USB Eases Data Acquisition
by Richard A. Quinnell
This ubiquitous bus offers the performance of a parallel bus, with far less complexity.

Supporting Orthogonal Regions in Practical Large-scale Projects
by Lawrence Lo
Employ statechart heuristics to overcome the asynchronous nature of event exchange among state machines.

Model Complex Behavior the Domino Way
by Jos Dijkstra
Change happens; detect and use it to cause more change. Here's a method that harnesses the power of change to model complex systems behavior.

DSP Power-management Techniques Help Achieve Faster Design Cycles
by Stuart Cording and Lori Vidra
Designing handheld, battery-powered systems that require DSP capability demands that a great deal of attention be paid to power consumption.


Programmer's Toolbox
Making the Tough Coding Decisions

by Jack W. Crenshaw
When making a library of C++ classes for vector and matrix math, style still puts the art in programming. Jack gives his implementation du jour.

Break Points
Jack's Top Ten

by Jack G. Ganssle
How many hurdles do project teams have to clear before their embedded systems are truly complete? Let us count the ways.


Tear Downs Answer How and Why (not just What)

by Richard Nass
Introducing a new department: our Tear Down is not your average tear down.

Tear Down
High-end Mouse Goes Where no Mouse Has Gone

by Richard Nass
A new set of innovations that were designed globally make this peripheral more useful than competitive products.

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