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Embedded Systems Design, December 2008


December ESD

VOL. 21 NO. 12
December 2008
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Using nvSRAMS to supercharge flash memory devices in data-logging applications
by Kristian Blomquist, Simtek Corp.
Embedded nonvolatile memory is a multiple choice question.

No operating system is an island
by Ryan Kearny and Steve Grave
For mission-critical networking applications, an embedded database management system is a nice thing to have. Learn how one company used a embedded DBMS to optimize one of its operating systems for web application delivery over the Internet.

The ABC's of A-D converter latency
by Bonnie Baker
Understanding latency when using multiplexed, delta-sigma (DS) analog-to-digital converters is important. Even though the sensors at the input of the multiplexer in these types of systems present low-frequency signals, the switching from channel to channel creates high frequency signals for the input of the converter. Here's how to use latency issues with DS multiplexed converters to your advantage.

Tear Down: High-end digital frame comes from relatively simple design
by Richard Nass
Besides the memory, only two key ICs are in this design.


Programmer's Toolbox
A funny thing happened . . .

by Jack W. Crenshaw
Jack talks about software reuse in VCX and matrix math.

Break Points
Lean coding

by Jack Ganssle
What's the cheapest way to get rid of bugs? Inspect code early and often.


The more things change

by Richard Nass
With all that change going on, our mission is still the same: help engineers do their jobs.

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