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Embedded Systems Design, December 2009

December ESD

VOL. 22 NO. 11
December 2009
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Coordinated debugging of distributed systems
by Roland Höller and Peter Rössler
IEEE 1588 can be used to distribute the debugging process over the network.

GUI testing: exposing visual bugs
by Niall Murphy
GUI testing traditionally meant finding the most appropriate access point to inject test cases. The challenge, however, is in making the GUI tests repeatable. Here’s a homegrown framework that allows test input to be managed, replacing injectable test cases.


Barr Code
The lawyers are coming!

by Michael Barr
The quality of a lot of embedded software is abysmal. And lawyers are on to it. If you don’t want your source code to show up in court, you better get your act together.

Break Points
Programming quotations

by Jack Ganssle
Move over Bartlett, Jack Ganssle presents some of the best programming-related quips for your enjoyment . . . and instruction.


CPU vendor buys OS vendor, Part II

by Richard Nass
Cavium's acquisition of MontaVista is very similar to a deal that went down not too long ago.

Tear Down
Blackberry Storm has some good qualities, and some not so good

by Richard Nass
The imaging and telephony functions were up to snuff. The UI left a little to be desired.

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