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Embedded Systems Design, December 2010


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Cover story:
Bipolar vs. CMOS: Selecting the right IC for medical designs
by Karthik Vasanth, Sandeep Oswal, and Eduardo Bartolome
Implantable, ingestible, interactive, interoperable, Internet enabled. The unique demands of medical devices, now and in the future, require the right IC process technology and packaging. Here’s a comparison between bipolar and CMOS for medical devices,along with some packaging issues to consider.

Designing embedded controllers with building blocks
by Baruch Evenor
Baruch Evenor describes a Lego-blocks approach for designing embedded controller systems destined for mid-range apps with limited memory space.

Programming Pointers
by Dan Saks
Measuring instead of speculating
Some programmers think modeling memory-mapped devices as C++ objects is too costly. With some architectures, the chances are they’re wrong.

Break Points:
by Jack G. Ganssle
New embedded systems books
Jack recommends some interesting reading for the embedded systems engineers.

by Ron Wilson
A medical matter
To what lengths will medical devices of the future go? It’s an explosive new application area, but with some staggering challenges.

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