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Embedded systems design in Brazil is booming


A new freely available report on Brazilian embedded systems design activity in that country has just been completed and published by Embarcados (Embedded in Portugese ).

The report is based on a survey of about 900 Brazilian software developers and engineers between July 25 and August 14 of this year. Of these 67.4 percent were engineers and technicians, and 14.2 percent were in informatics and telecom. Almost 40 percent were working engineers and technicians at electronics companies in Brazil.

Interestingly, the survey provides further evidence of the active state of Brazilian engineering design. (Brazilian authors have been active since as far back as 2000 in publishing design articles and technical papers in a variety of international venues. )

According to the survey about 53 percent of those who participated were between the ages of 30 and 50. And reflecting the increased interest in the wireless sensor and Internet of Things segments of the market recently, 47 percent of the respondents were between 18 and 30 years of age.

About 25 percent of the respondents had more than ten years of experience in embedded systems design and 37 percent had between three to ten years of experience.

About 70 percent were involved in firmware/software development, about 60 percent in various hardware/software integration and codevelopment.

Industrial control design applications constituted about 40 percent of their design activity , 28 percent in consumer electronics and almost 20 percent in Internet of Things and wireless sensor design activity.

About 55 percent of the Brazilian engineers activities were involved in projects that included WiFi interfaces, about 33 percent Zigbee, and about 7 percent in 6LoWPAN design activities.

About 71 percent of their current embedded projects were developed using the C language, and about 15 percent used C++.

The survey bears out what regular visitors and readers of design contributions on Embedded.com have probably figured out. As the seventh largest economy in the world, its design activity in almost every important segment of embedded system design is active and growing. A few of some recent articles made available on Embedded.com by Brazilian developers include:

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To read about recent activities at ESC Brazil 2014 in September, go to “ESC Brazil 2014 – Four big trends.”

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