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Embedded Systems Design, January 2007


January ESD

VOL. 20 NO. 1
January 2007

Table of Contents

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Eclipse Unites the Embedded and Enterprise Environments
by Robert Day
Operating in a “standard” environment lets tool developers support a common set of users and vice-versa.

Minimize your ISR Overhead
by Nigel Jones
With all the automated tools available today, it's easy to lose track of the overhead that such tools are introducing.

Design Next-Generation Platforms While Adhering to Thermal-Management Standards
by Dave Pivin
As processor frequencies rise, it gets more difficult to keep systems cool. Employing the PECI and a DTS will put you on the road to “coolness.”


Programming Pointers
Separated by a Common Vocabulary

by Dan Saks
Embedded systems developers use so many terms in so many different ways, it's surprising that we understand each other as well as we do.

Analyst's Corner
Views from the Corner Suites

by Paul Zorfass
Understanding how the people who populate the corner suites think can help the rest of us get with the program.

Break Points
On-the-fly RAM Tests

by Jack G. Ganssle
Thirteen feet of concrete won't shield your RAM from cosmic rays. What's the solution?


It's Not Always About Time to Market

by Richard Nass
It's really about time to money.

Tear Down
Handset Makes Use of Good Design Practices, Especially in the Critical RF Subsystem

by Richard Nass
This design shows that it's possible to cut costs and board area without making compromises.

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