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Embedded Systems Design, January 2008


January ESD

VOL. 21 NO. 1
January 2008
Table of Contents

To access the digital edition, click here. To download a PDF, click part 1 here and part 2 here.


Cover Story

The art of FPGA construction
by Gina R. Smith
Working with FPGAs isn't intimidating when you know the basic techniques and options.

Is symmetric multiprocessing for you?
by David N. Kleidermacher
Multicore architectures can provide the performance boost you’re looking for, but the software is certainly more complicated.

Debugging embedded C
by Robin Knoke
Has debugging embedded C changed in 20 years? You betcha. But the process will never change: stabilize, isolate, correct, and retest. Here’s an article from the 1988 premiere issue of Embedded Systems Programming , with some comments from the author, Robin Knoke.


Programming Pointers
Storage class specifiers and storage duration

by Dan Saks
Storage class specifiers don't specify scope but combine with scope to determine storage duration. Here's the second part in a series on scope, storage allocation, and linkage.

Break Points
Twenty years on

by Jack G. Ganssle
Twenty years is a long time in human terms and even longer in the microprocessor industry. Here's a look at what's transpired.


Acquisitions to enhance coverage

by Richard Nass
Acquisitions will bring more tear downs and insight into semiconductors.

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