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Embedded Systems Design, January/February 2010

December ESD

VOL. 23 NO. 1
January/February 2010

Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Layering it on–a new approach to automating system tests
by Adrian Raileanu, Bogdan Ionita, and Diana Craciun
Here's a layered approach to testing that uses pluggable software components to assure scalability and portability.

When good compilers go bad, or what you see is not what you execute
by Paul Anderson and Thomas W. Reps
Getting rid of the mismatch between source code and compiled machine code may mean having to debug the machine code. Here's some of the latest research on finding a tool to combat the problem.


Programming Pointers
Variations on a flexible array theme

by Dan Saks
Different dialects of C and C++ support different forms of flexible array members. Unfortunately, the more expressive forms are the less portable ones.

Break Points
Remembering the memories

by Jack Ganssle
A trip down memory lane reveals more about how memory radically changed the nature of digital electronics.


Physics star is coming to ESC

by Richard Nass
Dr. Michio Kaku, star of the Science Channel's “Physics of the Impossible” will provide ESC Keynote Address

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