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Embedded Systems Design, January/February 2011

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Cover story:
“CoreMark: A realistic way to benchmark CPU performance”
By Shay Gal-On and Markus Levy, EEMBC
CPU benchmark maximizes simplicity and efficacy.

“Using SystemC to build a system-on-chip platform”
By James Aldis
How Texas Instruments’ designers used the SystemC hardware design language to do performance modeling when creating both the company’s OMAP-2 platform and the devices based on it.

Programming Pointers
By Dan Saks
Demystifying constructors
Even the experienced C++ programmer can be confused about what exactly constructors do and when they get called.

Break Points:
By Jack G. Ganssle
“Power management, 2011”
From Microchip’s eXtreme Low Power to TI’s OMAP, new chips promise some interesting and complex power management techniques.

By Ron Wilson
“C to Silicon. Really?”
What ever became of the idea that we could define an embedded system in C, push the Compile button, and watch the tool spit out a complete hardware and software system design?

Download a PDF of digital edition: http://i.techweb.com/embedded/pdfs/UBME_esd0111_0211.pdf

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