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Embedded Systems Design, January/February 2012

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Cover story:
“Controlling network flow with the OpenFlow protocol”
By Daniel Proch, Netronome
A new twist on network flow processing gives network administrators programmatic control of network flows to strategically place traffic where resources exist. Here’s why you may be building the open-source specification OpenFlow (or similar protocol) into routers, switches, and other devices to realize the benefits of Software-Defined Networks.

“Underfill revisited: How a decades-old technique enables smaller, more durable PCBs”
By Michael Yu and Syed Wasif Ali, Nexlogic Technologies
A well-orchestrated PCB design and assembly plan is required to successfully implement techniques such as underfill in next generation OEM embedded consumer and mobile designs.

Programmer's Toolbox
By Jack W. Crenshaw
“Quiet down out there!”
If we know something about the dynamics of the system, we can make a better estimate of what it’s doing now and what it’s going to do next.

Break Points:
By Jack G. Ganssle
“Quirky chips”
Jack has fun describing some of his favorite quirky chips from the past; some of these are still around.

By Colin Holland
“Taking the podium”
DESIGN West is the Embedded Systems Conference on steroids.

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