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Embedded Systems Design, July 2006


August ESP

VOL. 19 NO. 7
July 2006

Table of Contents

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Build a Super Simple Tasker
by Miro Samek and Robert Ward
Open-source real-time kernel! This detailed article spells out how to create your own preemptive kernel that's smaller and faster than most real-time operating systems. This elegant software might be all that many projects ever need.

Using Nonlinear Kalman Filtering to Estimate Signals
by Dan Simon
First developed to aid in navigating spacecraft during the Apollo missions, the nonlinear or extended Kalman filter is still the workhorse of signal estimation. Expert Dan Simon introduces us to the concept of nonlinear Kalman filtering, explains the math, and provides Matlab simulation code.


Programming Pointers
Cast with Caution

by Dan Saks
It's almost impossible to write real programs, especially embedded ones, without using a cast here or there. Nonetheless, you should try to use casts as sparingly as you can.

Break Points
Multiplying Monitors

by Jack G. Ganssle
Bill Gates uses it. One study says it increases an engineer's efficiency by 42%. Multiple monitors could make your life easier, too. Jack shares the ups and downs of having multiple monitors.


Farewell, x86

by Jim Turley
Intel's move to give up on its x86 processor line is the end of an era.

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