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Embedded Systems Design, July 2007


July 2007 ESD

VOL. 20 NO. 7
July 2007
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Cover Feature: The boards may shrink, but performance doesn't
by Christine Van De Graaf
Small form-factor boards continue to evolve to meet the increasing demands of embedded systems.

Increase your boot options with Managed NAND
by Judd Heape
A standard interface combines with an on-chip controller to handle the wear-leveling and write/erase timing, as well as the memory management functions of your NAND memory.

Choosing the best wireless digital-video architecture
by Wayne Daniel
While most of the approaches are new to the market, their performance differs greatly.

DSP serves the convergence needs of small business
by Ravi Kodavarti and Tom Flanagan
For OEMs, selecting the right technology can make it easier to reach the small and medium-sized business market with new devices for converged voice, video, and data services.


Programming Pointers
Why size_t matters

by Dan Saks
Using size_t appropriately can improve the portability, efficiency, or readability of your code. Maybe even all three.

Break Points
Perfecting naming conventions

by Jack G. Ganssle
There are some 7,000 languages used today on this planet, suggesting a veritable Babel of poor communication.


It's always the software when something goes wrong

by Richard Nass
Everybody blames the software when something goes wrong. Are software engineers just put-upon? Turns out, they deserve it.

Tear Down
RC car is fraught with design tradeoffs

by Richard Nass
One questionable early decision made for some trouble down the road.

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