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Embedded Systems Design, July 2008



VOL. 21 NO. 7
July 2008
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Interactive C-code cleaning tool supports multiprocessor SoC design
by Mieke Van Bavel and Michel Tilman
To simplify the development of code suitable for parallelization and mapping on multiprocessor platforms, researchers at IMEC have developed a set of CleanC guidelines and a code analysis and refactoring toolbox to make code compliant to the CleanC programming style.

Building a power supply for discontinuous transmission wireless networks
by Jose Ignacio Garate, Jose Miguel de Diego, and Javier Monsalve Kägi
Need to reliably power a remote control for electromechanical actuators and electronic sensors in harsh environments? Here's the design for an isolated, switched-mode power supply intended for wireless devices.

20th Anniversary: An exception primer
by Thomas Besemer
There's nothing new about the need for exception handling, which is a key feature in embedded applications. This article, which first appeared 20 years ago in this publication, describes exception handling in detail.


Programming Pointers
Dynamic allocation in C and C++
by Dan Saks
C and C++ have strikingly different approaches to managing dynamic memory.

Break Points
Hunting and gathering embedded systems resources

by Jack Ganssle
The most efficient engineers seek out and use solutions that already exist. Here are some good resources for embedded systems engineers searching for answers.


The latest version of Windows is more than just a simple name

by Richard Nass
Basing the embedded version of Windows on XP is a good move.

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