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Embedded Systems Design, July/August 2011


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Cover story:
“Waking up a capacitive touch-sensing device with an MCU peripheral”
When a capacitive touch screen goes into sleep or standby mode to save energy, how can you design the system to wake up quickly without degrading its performance or burning a lot of power. Here are two options: a traditional method and a new MCU-based method.

“Designing with core-based high-density FPGAs”
By Robert S. Grimes
One engineer's adventures designing with microprocessor-based FPGAs.

Barr Code
By Michael Barr
“How to enforce coding standards automatically”
Coding standards can be an important tool in the fight against bugs.Unfortunately, too many well-intentioned coding standards are ineffective andgather more dust than followers. Automatic enforcement points the way to greatercompliance.

Break Points
By Jack Ganssle
“Assume nothing”
An engineer's duty is to assume nothing, think of everything, and be humble. After all, building an embedded system is a humbling experience.

By Ron Wilson
“Dumbing down embedded design”
Like it or not, the abstraction in embedded systems design is changing, again.

Download a PDF of digital edition: http://i.techweb.com/embedded/pdfs/UBME_esd0711_0811.pdf

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