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Embedded Systems Design, June 2006


August ESP

VOL. 19 NO. 6
June 2006

Table of Contents

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Programming a Cell Broadband Engine
by Alex Chunghen Chow
At long last, the wraps come off the mysterious Cell processor from IBM, Sony, and Toshiba, the heart of the PlayStation 3 and numerous upcoming consumer electronic devices. The Cell is as complex as it is fascinating. This article gives us a detailed insider's look at how to program it, written by one of Cell's own architects.

A glimpse inside the Cell processor
by Jim Turley
What has 250 million transistors and nine processors? It's IBM, Sony, and Toshiba's Cell processor. Here’s how the hardware works and what makes it special.

Linear regulators vs. switchers for automotive applications
by Frank Kolanko
The venerable LDO regulator has plenty of life left in it. This article details how, where, and why to use them with plenty of evidence and examples along the way.

Embedded Systems Design survey: Operating systems on the rise
by Jim Turley
The 2006 results are in, and they're fascinating. Our annual survey covers operating systems, processors, compilers, development tools, budgets, and more. In this first installment we’ll look at RTOS usage and where it's headed.


Programmer's Toolbox
Taking the last lap around the Rosetta Stone

by Jack W. Crenshaw
In this final installment, Jack shows you how to solve what's probably the hardest problem he can think of—to numerically integrate a function.

Break Points
eXtreme instrumenting

by Jack G. Ganssle
Seeing into the system is all important. Here's how to build a VOM on the cheap.


Dept. of Necessary Recalibration

by Jim Turley
New perspectives are awaiting you over the horizon. Pack your bags and get ready to see the world.

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