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Embedded Systems Design, June 2008


April ESD

VOL. 21 NO. 6
June 2008
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Virtual hardware platforms for embedded software validation
by Bill Neifert, Carbon Design Systems.
A hybrid approach to configuring a virtual hardware platform enables developers to explore all of the facets of the system long before it's built.

Allocating memory in MATLAB-to-C code
by Robert Yu, Agility Design Solutions
MATLAB frees you from having to think about memory allocation and actively encourages the use of variable-size arrays. But memory, time, and hardware constraints limit how the C implementation allocates memory. Here are some workarounds.

MDDs and IDEs: making the twain meet in embedded systems design
by Paul Urban, Telelogic
Whether your development team is model-centric or code-centric, here's a product that combines both modes of working into one.

20th Anniversary: Avoiding a thrashing
by Ernest Meyer
The topic of virtual memory and its interface with caches is important to programmers working with multitasking systems. The way hardware implements virtual memory addresses can have a drastic impact on code performance. The following “At the Bench” column first appeared in the June 1989 issue of Embedded Systems Programming magazine.


Programmer's Toolbox
Fleshing out the Matrix class

by Jack W. Crenshaw
Jack gets to the meat of the Matrix class.

Break Points
Faster! Can we design embedded systems faster, cheaper, better?

by Jack Ganssle
Embedded systems engineers must work smarter because faster may not be humanly possible.


Maybe now my mom will understand

by Richard Nass
Look for the Embedded Systems Conference's keynote videos on Embedded.com.

Guest Editor
Is the Internet still hardware-independent?

by Jim Turley
The Web is becoming an Intel- and Microsoft-centric medium. Is this a good or bad thing? It all depends.

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