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Embedded Systems Design, June 2009


June ESD

VOL. 22 NO. 6
June 2009
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

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Writing software drivers for analog to digital converters
by Mark Thoren and Leo Chen
The ADC data sheet often shows the sequence of events required to create the “pseudocode” in a software driver and can translate directly into C.

Reduce RTOS latency in interrupt-intensive apps
by Nick Lethaby
Here is a way to bypass the RTOS in latency-sensitive interrupt situations.


Programmer's Toolbox
Why all the math?

by Jack W. Crenshaw
The company who can get the same algorithms working in their own software, royalty-free, are going to be able to sell their product at a lower cost, and thereby eat your lunch.

Break Points
As the world turns: recession and engineering

by Jack Ganssle
There will always be artists and there will always be engineers. In troubling times, passion counts more than ever.


Be a part of our embedded community

by Richard Nass
Being part of our embedded community gives you a say in shaping the future of our industry.

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