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Embedded Systems Design, June 2010

June ESD
VOL. 23 NO. 5
June 2010
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Transitioning from C/C++ to SystemC in high-level design
by John Sanguinetti
It's far easier to do architecture design in SystemC than it is to do it in C and C++. If co-designing hardware and software using high-level design methods, much of your work will be done in an architecture design phase in SystemC. Here's why.

Line-fitting algorithms for exceptional cases–minimax line fitting
by Chris Thron
Minimax fitting is often preferred to regression when the goal is to find a fitting line with minimum tolerance, such as some automatic control applications.


Programmer's Toolbox
How I write software

by Jack W. Crenshaw
Every programmer has a personal software development methodology; Jack describes his and offers tips for staying successful in software.

Break Points
After 500,000 words

by Jack Ganssle
The first installation of Breakpoints appeared June 1990, 20 years ago this month.


Android follows Linux's lead

by Richard Nass
Like Linux, the open-source version of Android deserves a look. Where you go from there is up to you.

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