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Embedded Systems Design, June 2011

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Cover story:
“Sensor fusion brings situational awareness to health devices”
by Supreet Oberoi
A data-centric sensor fusion architecture is essential for building situationally-aware applications. Using examples from new applications in health care, the author describes the complimentary technologies that enable you to build in situational awareness.

“Making hardware more like software”
By Mario Khalaf and Ajay Jagtiani
Here's a way to partially or fully reconfigure an FPGA without rebooting the operating system.

Programmer's Toolbox
By Jack Crenshaw
“The changing face of Mathcad”
Was someone at PTC listening to Jack when they created Mathcad Prime 1.0?

Break Points
By Jack Ganssle
“Of slaves and scopes”
If robots do all our work, what will happen to us? And a tiny oscilloscope sparks the imagination.

By Ron Wilson
“The gulf between measuring and understanding”
Designers are creating a processes that react not to the measured data, but to the state of another complex system.

Download a PDF of digital edition: http://i.techweb.com/embedded/pdfs/UBME_esd0611.pdf

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