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Embedded Systems Design, March 2007

January ESD

VOL. 20 NO. 3
March 2007

Table of Contents

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Demystifying ESL for embedded systems designs
by Shelley Gretlein
While the definitions of ESL may vary, the end result should be the same, namely letting system developers analyze their designs at a higher level of abstraction.

Use ESL synthesis techniques to replace dedicated DSPs with FPGAs
by Sergio R. Ramírez and Shawn McCloud
If your application isn't the most compute intensive, you may find that using an FPGA as a replacement is a good idea.


Programming Pointers
Bail, return, jump, or . . . throw?

by Dan Saks
The common techniques for handling run-time errors in C leave something to be desired, like maybe exception handling.

Break Points
Contracts put the “I do” in code

by Jack G. Ganssle
Languages should include explicit constructs that make it easy to validate the hidden and obvious assumptions that form the background to our code.


Bluetooth competition heats up

by Richard Nass
Once again Bluetooth must fend off proprietary rivals.

Tear Down
Game console goes way beyond the average DVD player

by Richard Nass
The challenges in this design were many, including adopting some high-volume components in a not-so-high-volume application.

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