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Embedded Systems Design, March 2008


March ESD

VOL. 21 NO. 3
March 2008
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Designing DSP-based motor control using fuzzy logic
by Byron Miller
The increased use of variable-speed drive motors to reduce energy consumption will require a shift from PID controllers to systems based on fuzzy logic algorithms to simplify design, reduce development time, and eliminate complex math formulas.

Hardware/software verification enters the atomic age
by George Harper, BlueSpec
Although you may not have heard of atomic transactions, they’re likely to change how you design and verify embedded systems.

Efficient CRC calculation with minimal memory footprint
by Yaniv Sapir and Yosef Stein, Analog Devices
You can implement the cyclic redundancy check function in an embedded systems design with minimal impact on memory or performance by using linear feedback shift register instructions more intelligently.

Programming your own microcontroller
by Ernest L. Meyer
When this article was written 20 years ago, the FPGA was only five years old and not widely used yet. Here’s an early how-to article on PLD design that stands the test of time.


Programming Pointers
Understanding linkage in C, C++

by Dan Saks
Scope determines what you can see within a translation unit. Linkage determines what you can see across translation units.

Break Points
Taming software complexity

by Jack G. Ganssle
A simple equation can help you measure the complexity of your code.


LiMo Foundation aims to put Linux in your handset

by Richard Nass
Will a pro-Linux consortium unwittingly present a roadblock instead smooth sailing for mass adoption of Linux?

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