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Embedded Systems Design, March 2010

March ESD

VOL. 23 NO. 2
March 2010
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

New standard takes COM to the extreme
by Barbara Schmitz
The ESMexpress standard ruggedizes the computer-on-module (COM) for harsh-environment embedded applications.

Oversampling with averaging to increase ADC resolution
by Franco Contadini
How an MCU can extend the resolution/accuracy of an ADC by delivering an extra bit or two.

You're invited to a banquet of courses at ESC Silicon Valley
by Bernard Cole
Eat right, exercise, and go to ESC. What better way to keep your engineering brain healthy than exploring the latest developments and techniques at ESC?


Programmer's Toolbox
Random thoughts

by Jack W. Crenshaw
Jack Crenshaw reveals his latest on how to translate dynamics, whose math is defined by Newton's laws of motion, into usable code for applications such as trajectories and triangulation.

Break Points
An MSO for the masses

by Jack Ganssle
Jack Ganssle takes a look at the Tektronix's MSO 2024, the oscilloscope being given away at the ESC.


A flurry of activity heading into “Embedded Season”

by Richard Nass
It's time for the two biggest shows in the embedded systems industry.

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