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Embedded Systems Design, March 2011

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Cover Story
“Think static analysis cures all ills? Think again.”
By Mark Pitchford
Static code analysis has been around as long as software itself, but you'd swear from current tradeshows that it was just invented. Here's how to choose the right code-analysis tools for your project.

“Lower the overhead in RTOS scheduling”
By Alexander G. Dean
Research shows that preemption-threshold scheduling helps to mitigate the deadline-vs.-overhead tradeoff faced by developers of real-time systems.


Programmer's Toolbox
By Jack Crenshaw
“Can you give me an estimate?”
On the road to the Kalman filter: The job of the least squares fit is to give a best estimate of the unknown values coefficients.  

Break Points:
By Jack G. Ganssle
“Watchdogs redux”
Vendors and researchers are trying some new tricks with watchdog timers. Here are some notable attempts to improve the old dog.


By Ron Wilson
“Unintended acceleration”
A window into software Q/A in the automotive industry.

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