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Embedded Systems Design, March 2012


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Cover story:
“Tracing requirements through to object code verification”
By Mark Pitchford, LDRA
Verifying object code can mean the difference between success and failure, quality and crap. But skipping the step because a standard doesn’t require it or because it theoretically eats into profits is a surprisingly common practice. The author postulates that this practice is not only shortsighted but no longer valid.

“Troubleshooting real-time software issues using a logic analyzer”
By David B. Stewart, PhD, InHand Electronics, Inc.
This logic analyzer technique is a power-tool for the embedded software engineer's toolbox.

“Manage multiple processes and processors in a deterministic multicore design”
By Chris Main, TenAsys Corporation
How should processes running on different RTOSes communicate in systems with more than one operating system? The author suggests you can manage inter-process communications with global-object networking.

Programming Pointers
By Dan Saks
“Discriminated unions”
Discriminated unions can be useful in some applications, but they also provide insight into the advantages of using virtual functions.

Break Points
By Jack Ganssle
“Probing pointers”
The wrong probe can cause your circuit to fail or even physically destroy components. Here are some of the issues.

By Colin Holland
“Safety threats: from satellites to pods in you pocket”
DARPA's High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems program is looking for a synthesizer capable of producing a machine-checkable proof that the generated code satisfies functional specifications as well as security and safety policies.

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