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Embedded Systems Design, May 2010


VOL. 23 NO. 4
May 2010
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Bullet-proofing your software design
by Nat Hillary
Applying secure programming standards and methodology can reduce vulnerabilities in software.

How to use an FPGA to test a PLL band calibration algorithm
by Russell Mohn
Prototyping an ASIC design first on an FPGA is not only useful for verification but allows more room for algorithm experimentation.

Dealing with misbehaving tools
by Anders Holmberg
Here's a novel approach to the “update tool or update source” dilemma.


Programming Pointers
Alternative models for memory-mapped devices

by Dan Saks
Traditional techniques for communicating with hardware devices can be inconvenient and error-prone. Here are ways to make them simpler and robust.

Break Points
An interview with James Grenning, Part 2

by Jack Ganssle
Is test driven development viable for embedded systems? It may be part of the answer. Here’s part two of Ganssle grills Grenning.


Virtualization extends down to mobile devices

by Richard Nass
The BOM on a virtualized handset can be reduced significantly over a more traditional design.

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