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Embedded Systems Design, May 2011


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Cover Story
“Seventeen steps to safer C code”
By Thomas Honold
The author gives 17 tips for writing safety-critical C code using methods adapted from C++ and Ada.

“Why your embedded controller may not need a CPU”
By Mark Ainsworth
Do you really need that CPU in your microcontroller? Here’s a way to free up your CPU using a combination of programmable logic devices and datapaths. Mark Ainsworth of Cypress Semiconductor explains how.

ESC Silicon Valley 2011 paper
“Adopting C programming conventions”
By Jean J. Labrosse
If you like being a rebel, going it alone, bucking convention, and a thousand other clichés, programming embedded systems might not be for you. Rarely is it a solo job anymore. Let’s face it—we’re production programmers and have to follow the same house style guide and rules to get the job done right.

Programming Pointers
By Dan Saks
“Insights into member initialization”
Often when it seems that C++ is generating bigger and slower code than C, it may be that C++ is actually just distributing generated code differently.

Break Points:
By Jack G. Ganssle
“A rumble, a wave, and iPads dry up”
The disaster in Japan makes you think about the fundamental chemistry that makes all our modern smart devices possible.


By Ron Wilson
“Languages and custom”
The multilingual culture of embedded programming has been replaced by a stultifying sameness. But from the ruins a retrograde movement has begun to stir.

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