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Embedded Systems Design, May 2012


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“What a firmware curriculum would look like”
By Robert R. Scaccia
Using social media, firmware engineers come together to design a firmware curriculum for embedded systems engineering students.

Shifting sands: Trends in embedded systems design”
By David Blaza, publisher of Embedded Systems Design
Armed with over 15 years of data from the Embedded Systems Design subscriber study, ESD's publisher traces trends and preferences of embedded systems developers and industry vendors.

Barr Code
By Michael Barr
“Trends in embedded software design”
As the magazine that catered to embedded systems programmers closes, the future lies in less hands-on programming and more auto-generated code.

Murphy's Law
By Niall Murphy
“Murphy's Last Column”
Niall looks at the changes in user interface technology over the past few years and makes a few predictions about application upgrade and cloud connectivity.

Significant Bits
By Jim Turley
“So this is progress”
Embedded systems are evolving in exciting ways but our design methods are out of date.

Programmer's Toolbox
By Jack Crenshaw
“How I got embedded: a special connection”
Take a trip through the life's work of one engineer who was involved in embedded systems from Day 1 (courtesy of Rambling Jack).

Programming Pointers
By Dan Saks
“Unexpected trends”
Dan Saks crunches years of data on programming-language preferences from reader studies and finds some surprises about C/C++.

Break Points
By Jack Ganssle
“Farewell, ESD”
Jack Ganssle, the MVP of ESD and Embedded.com, reflects on how a good concept 24 years ago touched his life and those of other developers.

By Colin Holland
“Making necessary resource tradeoffs”
ESD magazine is closing. Here's why it's a good thing for you.

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