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Embedded Systems Design, November 2005


August ESP

VOL. 18 NO. 11
November 2005

Table of Contents

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Digital Designing Data-Centric Software
by Eugene K. Buechele
Data-centric development approaches can help you reduce complexity, streamline coding, and innovate easier with system data.

The Case for Real-Time Visibility
by Brian Cruickshank and Imtaz Ali
Good development requires good debugging, and good debugging requires good visibility. Take an inside look at what makes a good debugger and what customers should look for in their own tools.

The End of Moore's Law
by Steve Leibson
On this, the 40th anniversary of Moore's law, it's interesting to take a look back at what Gordon Moore actually said (not what everyone thinks he said). Will the law, which Moore himself thought would end, continue?


Programming Pointers
Place Volatile Accurately

by Dan Saks
Place the keyword volatile where it most accurately models the behavior of your hardware.

Break Points
Computer Science Lab

by Jack G. Ganssle
Jack gets a tremendous amount of e-mail from people wanting to learn about embedded systems. From now on he'll recommend this course.


Analyst's Corner
The Recovery Has Already Begun

by Morry Marshall
We're looking at growth in the high teens, says this semiconductor market researcher. Brace yourselves for good times ahead.

Preventing Code Theft

by Jim Turley
Protecting your code from piracy, industrial espionage, and theft can be a big problem.

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