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Embedded Systems Design, November 2006

September ESD

VOL. 19 NO. 11
November 2006

Table of Contents

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Embedded Multicore Needs Communications Standards
by Markus Levy and Sven Brehmer
Multicore systems are popular but problematic. The authors describe the problem with communications APIs and what the Multicore Association is doing about it.

Control a Three-Phase Full-Wave Rectifier with an FPGA
by Manikandan Jayachandran and Maruthia Jayachandran
If your project has big-time power, you might want to consider using an FPGA to control your three-phase full-wave bridge rectifiers.

Everything You Learned in Kindergarten was Wrong
by Jon Pearson
The complexity of designing embedded systems requires a special kind of teamwork. Here are some practical tips for managing embedded systems design projects.

Develop an RTOS on Solaris with RTEMS
by Jonathan Kalbfeld
Such an RTOS can handle most of your embedded needs.

Integrate Static Analysis into a Software Development Process
by Walter W. Schilling, Jr. and Mansoor Alam
These tools will give you higher reliability and improved quality for your embedded software.


Programming Pointers
Coming to Terms with Interrupt Vectors and Tables

by Dan Saks
Be careful with your lingo. Just because a lot of developers use the same terminology doesn't mean they agree on what it means.

Break Points
MISRA Minimizes Mishaps

by Jack G. Ganssle
Program proactively. Write code that's inherently great before some tool reformats it.


A New Pilot of Your Magazine

by Richard Nass
This magazine is written for, by, and about the “embedded community.”

Rear end

by Marc Abrahams
Forget nanotechnology: big is beautiful.

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