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Embedded Systems Design, November 2007

November 2007 ESD

VOL. 20 NO. 11
November 2007
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Cover Feature: Build the right UI for your complex embedded system
by Colin Walls and Geoff Kendall
The tradeoffs involved in building a UI can be many. Making the right choices can make or break your system.

Unleash the power of flexible I/O pin mapping
by Gaurang Kavaiya
Through software, an MCU's features can come to the forefront with minimal design tradeoffs.

Choose an RTOS for high-speed control
by Gerardo Garcia
In many cases, a hard real-time solution is required. Know the factors that'll effect your system.

OCP SoC instrumentation solutions involve more than just trace
by Neal Stollon
Rapid analysis at the systems level helps get your applications to market quickly.


Programming Pointers
Scope regions in C and C++

by Dan Saks
Many programmers have difficulty distinguishing the concepts of scope, storage allocation, and linkage. Dan begins the process of sorting them out.

Break Points
Innovation at the Embedded Systems Conference–Boston

by Jack G. Ganssle
That innovative products aren't rare in the embedded systems industry is a testament to our engineering and inventive skills.


Buy your way to the top of the embedded board market

by Richard Nass
Board vendors gain market share through acquisition.

Tear Down
Tear Down: Wearable training system gets it half right

by Richard Nass
The hardware design makes perfect sense. The software leaves a lot to be desired.

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