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Embedded Systems Design, November 2010


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Cover story:
USB 3.0: Delivering superspeed with 25% lower power
by Mike Micheletti
USB 3.0 offers new opportunities to boost battery life. Here's a detailed description of USB 3.0's power-saving features.

Tracing of the event flow in state-based designs
by Peter Mueller
Tracing is useful both during development and after the software is released. This article explains the different parts required for realizing a tracing function and how to implement tracing of state-based designs with minimal effort.

Break Points:
by Jack G. Ganssle
An accumulation of stuff
Catching up with the incoming product announcements, Jack Ganssle finds a few gems (and some horror stories) to share.

Barr Code
by Michael Barr
Five more top causes of nasty embedded software bugs
What do memory leaks, deadlocks, and priority inversions have in common? They’re all Hall of Famers in the pantheon of nasty firmware bugs.

by Ron Wilson
A matter of energy
A recent panel discussion at ESC Boston brought to light the many complexities of measuring power use in embedded systems.

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