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Embedded Systems Design, October 2008


October ESD

VOL. 21 NO. 10
October 2008
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

What's your sine? Finding the right algorithm for digital frequency synthesis on a DSP
by Carlos Abascal
A new approach to direct digital frequency synthesis that combines lookup tables with trigonometric identities lends itself to more efficient implementation on digital signal processors.

Practical migration from 8-/16- to 32-bit PIC
by Lucio Di Jasio
An insider's account of moving from Microchip's 16- to 32-bit PIC MCUs.

Compilation strategies for the PIC32
by Jeffrey O'Keefe and Matthew Luckman
Unlike conventional compilation that optimizes and generates object code independently for each individual program module, omniscient compilation optimizes based on a view of all modules, across the entire program.

Forth data structures
by Jack Woehr
Often what makes Forth seem incomprehensible is not the language itself but a programmer's poorly conceptualized data structures. (This article first appeared in the September 1989 issue of Embedded Systems Programming magazine.

Tear Down: Microsoft re-tunes Zune
by Richard Nass
The highly integrated device adds an FM radio and WiFi connectivity.


Break Points
Programmers are people, too

by Jack Ganssle
Experts tell us interesting facts about our work lives that we may know but deny: programmers have human limitations.


Around the ESC world in 40 days

by Richard Nass
You'll find an Embedded Systems Conference in six different cities around the world in the course of about six weeks.

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