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Embedded Systems Design, October 2009


October 2009 ESD

VOL. 22 NO. 9
October 2009
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Multicores can transform IP-based wired/wireless networking
by Eric Carmes
Here's how to overcome typical design complexities in multicore networking.

Multicore programming made easy?
by Richard Stahl
IMEC's MPA tool transforms sequential C into parallel code.


Programmer's Toolbox
Embedded development, then and now

by Jack W. Crenshaw
These ripping yarns from an old-timer embedded systems developer will make other old-timers smile and new-timers thank their lucky stars.

Break Points
Developing a good bedside manner

by Jack Ganssle
The fastest and most effective way to debug hardware or software involves using a disciplined process. Here are six steps for debugging.


You really are an embedded developer

by Richard Nass
Too many people just don't get it. But they really are embedded systems developers, whether they believe it or not.

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