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Embedded Systems Design, September 2006


September ESD

VOL. 19 NO. 9
September 2006

Table of Contents

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Saving space with Pointer-less C
by Mengjin Su
This unusual and creative approach to standard C programming can save space and time in your design without losing any of C's efficiency. A clever piece for all embedded systems programmers.

Programming real-time with Ada 2005
by Patrick Rogers
It's not just for defense contracts any more. Ada has developed into a useful programming language for plenty of different embedded projects. This expert shows how new standards add features to Ada 95's real-time capability to meet those tight deadlines.

Getting aboard the PCI Express
by Richard A. Quinnell
PCI Express has emerged as the heir to PCI bus designs, bringing with it both backward compatibility and allowance for future enhancements.


Programming Pointers
Modeling interrupt vectors

by Dan Saks
Just as you can often treat device registers as a memory-mapped struct, you can treat an interrupt vector as a memory-mapped array.

Break Points
Those not busy being born

by Jack G. Ganssle
Books and more books. What is Jack reading these days?


Getting the boot

by Jim Turley
My PC is probably a lot like yours. It takes about two and a half minutes to boot, an eternity to most people. Here are ideas for improving boot up delays in your designs.

Rear end
Programmed cellular relief

by Marc Abrahams
Some jerk sits down next to you, pulls out a cell phone, and begins yacking at the top of his lungs. You'd like to kill him. But isn't there a better way?

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