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Embedded Systems Design, September 2007


September 2007 ESD

VOL. 20 NO. 9
September 2007
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Annual study uncovers the embedded market
by Richard Nass
Year-on-year trends are sure to grab your attention. People considering Linux? Down. Analog brand loyalty? Nope.

Trace exposes the toughest real-time bugs
by Stephen Lau
New debug tools give unprecedented continuous real-time access to on-chip data.

Employ dynamic power reduction in an ASIC
by Somnath Viswanath
Incorporate power-saving methods at multiple levels in application-specific IP.


Programming Pointers
Further insights into size_t

by Dan Saks
Using size_t may be awkward for some programmers, but using it still solves more problems than it creates.

Break Points
Lies, damn lies, and schedules

by Jack G. Ganssle
Are recent books on scheduling embedded systems projects worth penciling in to your calendar?


Get a 3X experience at ESC in Boston

by Richard Nass
We've made it easy for you to quickly find the precise embedded information you're looking for.

Tear Down
Handheld phone/PC offers full-size laptop features

by Richard Nass
A few key components step up to bat to play some big roles, without burning excess power.

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